6 Best Places To Visit In Texas

Texas is the second largest state of the USA. It is nicknamed as the “Lone Star State” to signify its earlier status as an independent republic. Texas is a storehouse of cultural attractions as well as natural assets. The state is bestowed with diverse landscapes – deserts, cave systems, canyons, mountains, splendid coastal areas – owing to its south-central location. Texas boasts of several of its ‘world-class’ cities that have plenty of tourist attractions and drawing a huge number of tourists every year.

6 Best Places To Visit In Texas

It is also a culturally diverse state. Even now, there is evidence of Spanish influences in the state, as a result of being Spain’s former colony. If we get down to list the best places to visit in Texas, we will make an encyclopedia out of it. So, here we will mention some of the top tourist destinations in the state.

1. The Alamo

Tourist Attractions in Texas

The Alamo is a historic site, situated on the eastern fringes of San Antonio. It was a part of one of the mission stations that was established in the year 1718. Built by Franciscans in the year 1744, the Alamo was converted into a fort in the year 1836. This place became famous after the Texan War of Independence.

During the war, a small troop of army tried to create a blockade against the powerful Mexican army of around 3,000 soldiers. Although all the 187 defenders were killed (including famous names like Davy Crockett), the slogan “Remember the Alamo!” resounded throughout the state, and eventually, the Mexicans were defeated. The cenotaphs and the mission buildings (a sign of respect to the fallen Texans) have been restored. Every year, this place is visited by around 2.5 million people!

2. The Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas

Popular Places in Texas

Most of us are well aware of how American President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. A fatal shot from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository, Dallas took his life. Now, this floor has been converted into a museum, which gives a detailed account of Kennedy’s legacy and his murder.

It is a tall red-colored building. The highlights of this place include Kennedy’s presidential campaign and his presidential term, which are supported by photos, artifacts, and historical One can also visit the huge monument of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial, which is located near the 6th-floor museum. Dedicated to Sir Kennedy, the memorial was unveiled in the year 1970.

3. Space Center, Houston

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The Space Center of Houston is one of the most important tourist attractions in Texas. It is only a thirty-minute drive from the center of the city. NASA’s space flight programs are tracked and monitored in the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, located in Houston. One can get fascinating insights on the space program operations through film shows, exhibits, models, and artifacts related to astronauts.

There is also a display of moon rock samples in the ‘Visitor ‘ Other highlights of this Space Center include a chance to see actual rockets, experiencing space simulators, dressing up like an astronaut, etc. Also, the objects that were collected during the Apollo, Gemini and Mercury space programs have been kept on display.

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4. Big Bend National Park

Tourist Attractions in Texas

It is one of the cool places to visit in Texas. Famous for its wilderness, the Park lies in the southwestern part of Texas on the border of Mexico, around the Rio Grande’s ‘great ‘ The park lies at an elevation of 1,870 ft. And 7,875 ft. It comprises of 3 zones – the valley of Rio Grande, the Chisos Mountains and the desolate Chihuahuan Desert.

The park is a home to 1,100 species of different plants and 400 types of birds including roadrunners and golden eagles. Other attractions of the park include three canyons on the Rio Grande – Boquillas, Santa Elena, and Mariscal. The rock faces of these canyons rise to a height of 1,650 ft.

Above the river. The Emory Peak of the Chisos Mountains is 7,835 feet high, offering gentle valleys, wild gorges, and steep rock faces. There is a 240-mile hiking trail amidst the Chisos Mountains. It ranges from the ‘Lost Mine Trail’ to the ‘Window Trail,’ providing spectacular views on the way. Longer hikes should be done under experienced guidance.

Tip: One of the best ways to explore the park is by boats. You can also book different types of river trips through the Panther Junction Park Headquarters.

Official site: www.nps.gov/bibe/index.htm

5. San Antonio’s River Walk

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This excellent Riverwalk extends for several miles alongside the San Antonio River. Cutting through the heart of the river, the walking stretch passes through some of the best restaurants, shopping areas, hotels and other attractions of Texas. It is popular both among the locals and the tourists alike.

This walkway is built below the street level, hugging the river. The best way to enjoy this long pedestrian trail is by taking a cruise upstream and returning back on foot, stopping in between for a quick bite or a visit to the museum on your way. The fun of this spectacular walk will be doubled if your visit coincides with any of this area’s numerous festivals or art and craft shows.

6. Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Amazing Place In Texa

This is the best place to experience the finest scenery of desert in the US. The park is situated in the northwestern part of Texas, around a hundred miles from El Paso. Wildlife can be found in abundance in this park, including birds like the golden eagles.

The park boasts of stunning landscapes, especially around the areas near the Guadalupe Peak and El Capitan. Guadalupe Mountains National Park has 80-miles long trails through the lush springs and picturesque woodland canyons which are a treat for the hikers. To make your visit hassle-free, do stop by the Visitor Center for detailed information about the park, including biking and hiking activities.

Other best places to visit in Texas, include The Texas State Capitol in Austin, The Fort Worth Stockyards, The USS Lexington, Corpus Christi, and State of the Arts: Texas Galleries and Museums, The Moody Gardens and Aquarium, Galveston, and the Natural Bridge Caverns. Go on, now, let us know your favorite place in Tex

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