Top 7 Coldest Places In The World

The world experiences extremes of climate – both hot and cold. It is quite difficult to define the hottest and coldest places in the world, in the truest possible way. You might say that we should measure how cold or hot every place is, and then prepare a list accordingly. In that case, how should a place be defined? Let’s find out.

We all know that the coldest place on earth is Antarctica. But is it one place or different points? Should an average temperature over the year be considered or the lowest temperature ever be taken into account? Which year should be taken? There are a lot of doubts and so it is difficult to make a flawless list.

The 7 Coldest Places In The World

However, we have endeavored to prepare a list of coldest places across the globe, where you definitely cannot roam around in your linens!

1. Vostok, Antarctica

Lowest temperature places

This place can be ranked at the highest position for being the coldest place on earth. It is a weather monitoring station, situated in Russia. It has a record for getting the lowest ever temperature on earth (- 128.6°F) on July 21st, 1983. January is the warmest month of Vostok, having the mean average temperature of minus 25.8°F.

In the winter months, the mean average is constant in the minus 80s. It lies at an altitude of 3,488 meters above the sea-level and so the place lacks both oxygen and moisture. This place is considered one of the most inhospitable, unpleasant and dangerous places on earth. Consequently, permanent inhabitants cannot be found here.

2. North Ice, Greenland

Lowest temperature places

This place is not much known, but during the 1950’s expedition of the British, North Ice became its subject of study. In North Ice, the lowest temperature was recorded during that time, beating the record of Snag by six degrees.

However, being a part of the continental North America, Snag was able to keep its title. On 9th January 1954, North Ice recorded a temperature of -87°F. Although the place warrants itself as a wonderful tourist destination, it is unlikely that most people would want to rate it on their list of top holiday stations in the coming months.

3. Eismitte, California

Bone Chilling Places

The name of the place ‘Eismitte’ means “Middle of the Ice” in the German language. This place was an expedition site in the 1930s and the temperature readings taken during that time was minus 85°F (coldest) and 27°F (warmest). There is no adequate information to help us gauge the annual average accurately.

So, we have taken the average temperature of the warmest month (10°F in July) and the coldest month (-53°F in February) and have split the difference between these two averages. This gave us the average of minus 21.5°F, which is chilly enough to be featured on our list. This data was retrieved during the 1930-31 expedition at the cost of two lives (Alfred Wegener and Rasmus Villumsen) and a severe injury to another member.

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4. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Bone Chilling Places

Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and has the honor of being called the ‘coldest capital in the world.’ However, this title has been challenged by others and thus it remains a contentious issue. It is located at the height of 1,310 meters above the sea level, and so has quite a height. It is a home to 1,278,000 residents.

It is a famous cultural center and has some renowned museums like the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts. The average temperature of this place is recorded at minus 2.4°F and in the month of January, the temperature dips down to as low as -16°F. The icy winds blowing here makes the climate subarctic in nature.

5. Eureka, Canada

Coldest Place On Earth

This is a research base of Canada and has no permanent residents. However, eight staff work there on a rotation basis at a given point of time. It was established in the year 1947 and since then, has been in operation as a weather station. The place does not receive any sunlight during the months from October to February. The annual average temperature is recorded at minus 1.8°F.

Since there is no rainfall in the winter months (October to May), Eureka often is termed as ‘polar desert’ during this time. At such low temperatures, the air moisture cannot evaporate, and so one can find abundant plant life. Thus, the place is often termed as “The Garden Spot of the Arctic” with animals like foxes, wolves, and oxen roaming around.

6. Oymyakon, Russia

Bone Chilling Places

When we talk about cold places, Russia can be a category in itself. Oymyakon has recorded the lowest temperature of minus 90°F on 6th February 1933. It is a record low for any place on the earth, with permanent inhabitants.

Although the daily temperatures do not drop down to such a low, yet the average low temperatures for the months of December, January and February ranges in the minus 50s. It is located in the far north and hence, it experiences twenty-one hours a day in June and 3 hours a day in December. Quite a contrast, we might add!

7. Snag, Yukon, Canada

Extreme Cold Places

The lowest temperature in the whole of continental North America was recorded in one of the villages of Canada, known by the name Snag. On 3rd February 1947, a temperature of minus 81°F was recorded here. Snag had an airstrip which was managed by a staff of about 15-20, but it was closed down in 1968. The researchers in Snag noticed a very interesting thing. An ‘acoustic effect’ developed in this village, whereby one could hear voices, coming from several miles away, clearly.

Unfortunately, this occurrence never had enough explanations. It is presently uninhabited. Currently, there is a noticeable difference between the coldest and the hottest months. The highest annual average temperature is set at 34.3°F, and the lowest is set at 10.3°F, giving 22.3°F as the mean average. In the months of January, the temperature goes down as low as minus 27°F.

This list seems quite frightening, but this is all a part of nature. This natural diversity makes our life interesting. If ever you get a chance to enjoy this side of nature, then take proper precautions to make your experience an everlasting one.

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