Top 10 Crystal Clear Water Beaches In The World

All of you must have noticed that the color of the ocean water varies significantly from one place to another – while some are crystal clear water beaches, others appear muddy or ‘cloudy.’ There are several explanations for this difference in watercolors. The main reason for the water to look ‘cloudy’ is that the organic materials and the sediments deposited on the ocean floor get stirred around. The water of the southern coast in California is cloudy because of the presence of small sediments spread over the ocean bed.

On the other hand, the waters in Hawaii or the Bahamas appear clearer. This is because the sediment particles present on the ocean floor of these water bodies are not as small as that of the East coast of California.

Also, the rate of upwelling at these places is much lesser. Moreover, the plenty coral reefs found in this part of the world help in limiting the water movement and thus, the water remains so clear that one can see the bottom. Since the water does not move much, the sediment particles also remain at the bottom of the water, making the water look transparent.

10 Crystal Clear Water Beaches

Whatever the scientific reasons may be behind the cloudy vs. clear beach waters, the latter is obviously an amazing sight for the viewers – especially when someone does not get to see such places with clear water beaches very often. If you are planning to travel to a beachside soon, our list of top 10 crystal clear water beaches in the world, will help you in deciding your spot.

1. Honokalani Beach

White sand Beaches

Located in Waianapanapa State Park of Hana, Maui, this is one of the best places with clear waters in Hawaii. The beach is a dream place for photographers – jet-black shores, crystal waters comprising of lapis lazuli stones and jungle-like foliage. You can enjoy the serenity of the place by simply lying on the beach.

Otherwise, one can indulge in plenty of activities: there are sea caves and lava tubes that are carved into the cliffs (made of lava) dotting the shore. This place is the best portrayal of the wild and unspoiled Hawaii.

2. Honopu Beach

Clear Water Beaches

Located in Kauai, Hawaii, this beach is also known by the name of Cathedral Beach. The way to this beach is quite challenging. It is only accessible by water- yes, you read it right. You can either swim to this beach from the Kalalau beach or any offshore boat.

It is worth taking the trouble: vegetation-cloaked cliffs, cumin-colored sand bordering the crystal clear water and more than often, there is not a single soul on this beach.

3. Sunset Beach

Wonderful Beach

Yet another entry from Hawaii. Sunset Beach is located on the Oahu island of Hawaii and is a home to the world’s premier surfing events, the ‘Vans Triple ‘ Thousands of visitors throng this beach in the winters to watch the ‘big wave surfing.’

In summers, the water becomes calm like a lake and is the perfect spot for snorkeling. Spend the whole day lazing around on the sand and surfing and end it with the majestic view of the sunset.

4. El Nido, Palawan

Clear Water Beaches

Located in the Philippines, there are as many as fifty sand beaches (sparkling with white sand) in El Nido alone! It is very difficult to choose just one – all these beaches are surrounded by the spectacular limestone formations and have the whitest and finest sands one will ever see.

The water of these beaches looks shimmering blue, and they look so clear that you can’t stop yourself from jumping into it. The sunsets are the best ones to seal this deal.

5. Reduit Beach

Best Beaches in World

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Situated in St. Lucia, this beach is only 10 minutes from the Pigeon Island National Park. One can enjoy wonderful views of the Rodney Fort from here. The place is quite famous among the tourists since it offers a plethora of activities: one can go for windsurfing or just laze around or indulge in some brilliant photography.

There are plenty of eating options out there. Although the beach is within walking distance from the luxury resorts and the Reduit Beach Village, yet it provides you that relaxed, quiet getaway.

6. Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue Island

Best Beaches in World

This beach is considered as one of the most iconic beaches in the world. The beach beautifully illustrates the heavenly nature of the island nation of Seychelles. The beauty of the beach is unparalleled: warm crystal clear water, soft, white sand stretching for long distances and pleasant climate throughout the year. Some exciting caves and coves have formed here as a result of the huge granite boulders that lay scattered on its beach.

7. Cala Turqueta  

Bluest Beach in the World
Cala Luna beach is considered as the best beach in the world

Cala Turqueta is one of the best beaches, situated in the southwestern part of Menorca in Spain. It is one of the gorgeous beaches, dotted with the pine trees. One can also find a sea of teal on this virgin beach.

The best way to enjoy the beach is to arrive early. Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters; kayaking and canoeing are other popular sports on this beach. If you are one of those brave adventurers, then you can try the cliff-jump situated on one side of the beach.

8. Cala Luna Beach

Wonderful Beach

The Cala Luna beach is considered as the best beach in Sardinia. It is a beautiful half-moon crescent-shaped beach (‘CalaLuna’ means half-moon in the Italian language), stretching for as long as 700 meters.

The color of the water is azure, and it is crystal clear. The waters are shallow which makes it a perfect place for children. It is a great place for scuba divers and snorkelers as well – crystalline waters, balmy temperature, and gorgeous marine life.

9. Reethi Beach

Clear Water Beaches

Located in the Baa Atoll, it is considered as the best beach for a honeymoon in Maldives. The sparkling waters, white sands, and the wonderful palm trees are the perfect locale to enjoy your quiet time. The beautiful water villas and the fancy restaurants provide you with a world-class comfort.

10. Whitehaven Beach

Bluest Beach in the World

One of the most stunning beaches in the world, this beach is a must-visit place in Queensland, Australia. It has a long coastline of 7 km. The sand consists of 98% of pure silica; since silica does not absorb heat, so the weather is pleasant all through the year.

Now, that you have the list of best crystal clear water beaches in the world, just plan your vacation soon to experience these unique wonders of nature. Make sure you have enough time to spend there; else you’d feel disappointed to leave sooner than you want to!

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