Tips And Tricks To Book Cheap Airline Tickets

Many people enjoy travelling. Packing their bags and leaving to escape from their routine lives is something that a lot of people crave. And for many people, a holiday is something for which they have to work hard and save. It is not something that everyone can afford. So wouldn’t you be frustrated if you found out that a colleague or a friend took the same trip as you for a lot lesser amount of money? So here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you book cheap flights.

1. Connecting flights

tricks to book cheap flights

Sometimes, the city from which you are flying can make a huge difference to the price you are paying. If you are not in a hurry and have time to spare, you can fly from your city to another place and from there to your destination. Sites like AirfareWatchdog give you a list of flights with airfares from various cities that you can choose from.

2. Prices in the site of the actual airline

tricks to book cheap flights

This is the most basic thing to do that a lot of people don’t. With so many travel sites and travel agents doing the booking and planning for us, we often fail to look at the prices offered by the airline itself. Many a time, they will offer a lot of discounts and offers on your ticket. So make sure you check the airline’s website. This is probably the most important tip on our list.

3. No Round Trips

tricks to book cheap flights

Book tickets for the to and fro of the trip separately. Round trips have known to be more expensive than booking tickets from your place to the destination and from the destination to home separately. You will be surprised at the amount of money that you would save.

4. Small Airlines

tricks to book cheap flights

Small and developing airlines are often pushed to the bottom of the list your travel website or travel agent suggests. And since they are new in the market, there will be a lot of introductory offers and such on these airlines that you may overlook. So make sure you look at the fares offered by these small airlines too.

5. Flexible dates

tricks to book cheap flights

Check out fares for a couple of days before and after your trip to see if changing the dates can save you some money. Many people fail to do this while for some, it is the most obvious trick in the book.

6. When you book matters

tricks to book cheap flights

To get the ideal lowest rates, it is suggested that you book six weeks in advance. While this maybe possible for honeymoons and family trips, this is definitely not possible for sudden business trips that you may have to go on.

7. Travel sites

tricks to book cheap flights

These days, there are so many travel websites available that make planning your trip so much more easier. And all these sites claim to offer the best price for your trip. But this is obviously not possible. So, the best thing for us to do will be to compare deals on all these sites or at least two or three of these sites before we make a booking.

8. Travel Rewards

tricks to book cheap flights

A lot of travel sites, give members some rewards programs. For example, for every ten days that you spend on vacation at a hotel, you may get one free night stay at another hotel.

9. Credit Cards

tricks to book cheap flights

There are a lot of frequent flyer credit cards that offer reward points that can be used to get  a deduction of some sort when you book tickets to your next holiday destination.

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10. Red-eye flights

tricks to book cheap flights

Give up on comfort and sleep and travel in a flight that ensures that you cannot catch up on your sleep. These flights are very cheap and teenagers and young people can afford to travel like this. This arrangement is not feasible if you are travelling with old people.

11. When to look for deals

tricks to book cheap flights

Early Morning is when all new deals pop up. So this is when you should be skimming through websites to find a deal that is ideal for you. So set an alarm, give up on some sleep and start looking for deals if you want to save some money.

12. Early flights

tricks to book cheap flights

The first flight that leaves in the morning is usually the cheapest. This is probably because you have to give up on your sleep. And people who can afford expensive flights will not be willing to give up on sleep. So book an early flight and save money and sleep on it.

13. Fly Frequently

tricks to book cheap flights

Almost all airlines have a frequent flyer program. If you travel often, sign up for a program like this and save money. These programs are projected in a very lucrative manner, so do not fall for it unless you fly more than 6 times a year.

14. Not the same airline

tricks to book cheap flights

Do not go to your destination and come back on the same airline. Another airline may offer a lesser price on your return flight. So always look for deals from other airlines. Unless you are redeeming miles or points on a particular airline, it is always better to mix and match.

15. Social Media

tricks to book cheap flights Almost all airlines have a growing social media presence and customers should benefit from this. They put their deals up on their Facebook page and offer special deals if you log in with Facebook or use a coupon code or even just like their Facebook page. So make the most out of this.

16. Budget First

tricks to book cheap flights

When you are planning a family vacation, it is better to fix a budget first. Before you fixate on a destination. You can check out all destinations that will fit your budget and then pick a destination. This is better because you can consider all your options and then make a decision. Sites like Kayak offer this feature.

17. Last Minute Trips

tricks to book cheap flights

This is not a ideal trick because it is risky. In case an airline cannot fill its seats for an upcoming weekend, it will definitely drop its prices at the last minute. This happens a lot but there is no guarantee that it will happen to you. So keep checking available tickets for an airline. If it is a trip that you definitely must take, you cannot rely on this trick.

18. 24 hours

tricks to book cheap flights

Once you book tickets, wait for 24 hours and check out the airline fares again. If they have dropped, call your airline, cancel your ticket and book it again. Almost all airlines will accept a cancellation request without imposing a penalty.

When should you travel and book tickets?
Many people wonder if it is cheaper to travel during weekends or weekdays. But a lot of research has been done with regard to this and you should ideally book your tickets on a Tuesday and travel on Wednesdays.

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