Top 15 Cheapest Holiday Destinations

Planning a holiday is not easy. The biggest obstacle is the budget. Most of our dream destinations fall under a very expensive bracket and we cannot always afford our dream holiday. But here is a list of some cheap holiday destinations that will fit every budget.

1. Malta

cheapest holiday destinations

Malta has beautiful beaches and some interesting ruins. It is a very beautiful place and the flights to and from Malta are very cheap. Sight seeing will take up all your time and keep you occupied. Public transport is also very cheap and will help you commute to all the places that you want to visit. Malta also has a very vibrant night life and you can easily shell out money for a few cocktails and still stick to your budget.

2. Morocco

cheapest holiday destinations

A five star holiday in Morocco will cost you very less. Definitely lesser than you would expect it to be. This place offers a beach and is also a classy seaside capital. If you are not someone who likes crowded holiday destinations, this is ideal for you. There is not much crowd and the place is really quaint and serene.

3. Greece

cheapest holiday destinations

A holiday in Greece can cost very less. It is probably one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe. If you can settle for a decent resort and not opt for five star ones, you can save a lot of money on your trip. Accommodation is probably what will cost you a lot in your whole trip to Greece. If you opt for a home stay, you can save even more. The public transport service is also very cheap. You can indulge in a lot of adventure sports and also go hiking at the Samaria Gorge. You can get juicy and tasty kebabs in Greece for very little money.

4. Portugal

cheapest holiday destinations

Portugal is a very beautiful place and there are lagoon islands and beaches that are very pristine and nice. There is also an old town that you are free to explore. The public transport is very cheap and the bus services are very active. The country has a lot of authentic cafes where you get very succulent and delicious food.

5. Turkey

cheapest holiday destinations

Turkey has a beautiful shoreline. It is a beautiful place that is rich in culture and heritage. You can choose any mode of transport to commute within the city. The beaches are extremely long and you can enjoy the sun. The culture and tradition of the country is reflected in all the monuments there.

6. Hungary

cheapest holiday destinations

Flights to Hungary are very cheap. But its popularity as a tourist destination is increasing with each passing day, causing the ticket rates to increase. There are a lot of pubs there and the night life here is very vibrant. The hydrotherapy is an experience that every tourist must embrace at their thermal baths. Shopping and other services are not very expensive. You can plan a fairly nice vacation if you make compromises on accommodation and flights.

7. Cyprus

cheapest holiday destinations

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A very small island, everything in Cyprus has a tinge of Turkey and Greece. The food markets are fresh. If you opt for a home stay set up, you will be excited to cook your own food with the fresh produce that is very easily available. The Akamas peninsula is a serene and calm beach where you can take long romantic walks with your loved one. The prices of goods and services are very low and you can enjoy a pretty lavish holiday without an exorbitant budget. Car rentals are very cheap here, so you don’t have to use public transport systems.

8. Russia

cheapest holiday destinations

The flights to Moscow are very cheap. Russia is a country that is on everyone’s bucket list and your budget should not be a constraint when you plan to visit this country. The culture of the country is reflected in the buildings in Moscow. The Metro system in Russia is known all over the world. And it is also very cheap. Taking the Metro for sight-seeing will further reduce the cost of your trip. Russia is famous for its Vodka and as one would expect, Russia has a very vibrant night life.

9. Croatia

cheapest holiday destinations

There are many other destinations in and near Croatia, and they are all not so expensive. Flights to and from Croatia are very cheap and not so expensive. The place will not disappoint you in terms of beauty. There are many churches, the kind that you read about in books. The local restaurants offer delicious local cuisine.

10. Thailand

cheapest holiday destinations

Bangkok is known the world over as a cheap and fun destination. It is the go to place for cheap bachelor trips. There is always excess fun and a lot of things to do in Thailand. Pattaya is a beautiful island where you can visit beautiful locations and also indulge in a variety of adventure sports.

11. India

cheapest holiday destinations

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal is in India. With a lot of picturesque locations and breathtakingly beautiful hill stations, India should be on your bucket list. Shopping in India is ridiculously cheap. You can shop on the streets and also in expensive malls. There is nothing that one cannot get in India. The architecture of Indian temples is known all over the world.

12. Indonesia

cheapest holiday destinations

There are a lot of traditions and culture that is reflected in the monuments and temples in Indonesia. The flights to Indonesia are cheap. And internal commute is also not very expensive. It is a beautiful honeymoon spot. Probably the only beautiful honeymoon spot on this list. There are also some great adventure sports that you can indulge in, like surfing. There are a lot of beautiful and culturally rich temples in Bali.

13. Algeria

cheapest holiday destinations

Flights to Algeria are also cheap. The Sahara desert safari is the most sought after tourist activity here. The place is not very crowded since Algeria is not a very popular tourist destination as yet.

14. Canary Islands, Spain

cheapest holiday destinations

Spain is a very popular holiday destination. So people expect it to be very expensive, while in reality, a trip to Canary islands will not cost you much. The Maspalomas Beach is very beautiful and you can soak in all the sun that you want. There are also beautiful mountains, valleys and forests.

15. Romania

cheapest holiday destinations

Romania is known to be a cheap holiday destination. But it is definitely not popular. You will get very nice food here at very low costs. There are also a lot of places for tourists to visit. Public transport is also very cheap.

We hope this list helped you pick a cheap holiday destination. If you are looking for a holiday in Europe, here is a list of the most romantic resorts.

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